Find out more about the sustainable native timber we grow on our hinterland farms.

silky oak

The Southern Silky Oak (grevillia robusta) with it’s beautiful finish continues to be an ideal choice for furniture timber. The tonal qualities of Southern Silky Oak also make it a suitable timber for instrument manufacture.

Thanks to Kirby Fine Timbers.

queensland maple

Queensland Maple (flindersia brayleyana) is considered one of Australia’s finest cabinet timbers and is also a fantastic tonewood. Queenslad Maple glues extremely well and is very easy to work with. The timber is mainly used for guitar necks, backs and sides.

Thanks to Kirby Fine Timbers.

silver quandong

Silver Quandong (elaeocarpus grandis) is becoming one of the preferred timbers to be used for musical instruments like guitars. The timber is an extremely stable and easy to use product. The long straight grain makes for a great timber to bend and has been used for boat building and oars. 

Thanks to Kirby Fine Timbers.