Woodfest Promotes Sustainable Future - NBN News

Furniture lovers, tree farmers, and master crasftpeople all came together at Federal today, to whittle away some misconceptions of the forestry industry.

‘Woodfest’ celebrated everything about the sustainable timber industry – even issuing attendees an important challenge.


Native timber showcase and design competition launches - The Echo

"A deep rich valley clothed with magnificent trees… in all my travels, I have never seen anything to equal the beauty of the vegetation."

These were the words by botanist William Guilfoyle in 1869 to describe travelling up the Tweed River with Mount Warning, or Wollumbin, in the background.

Today, the Big Scrub has all but been demolished, but there are a number of environmentalists and farmers who have come together to prove that there are ways to re-introduce rainforest trees and revegetate the countryside while also being able to selectively take out trees to help fund the reforestation and increase carbon sequestration.

In an ambitious project, these environmentalists and farmers have come together to create a market for native timbers...

Farm to Furniture - Australian Wood Review (AWR)

Imagine decorating your house with furniture grown and harvested from a farm down the road and crafted by a local woodworker.

It’s not just a dream; local farmers are starting to produce native timbers for local woodworkers to put their creative skills to the test and enter the inaugural Sustainable Native Timber Showcase and Design Competition.

For that reason the focus for the Design Competition is the “best use of sustainable farm grown native timbers”. The competition is now open to woodworkers, architects, boat builders, interior designers and cabinet makers in the Northern Rivers and South East Queensland region...