Meet the Makers

Meet the makers of fine furniture, sculptures and artwork made by local woodworkers.

Enfolded Form, Australia Rosewood

grant vaughan, designs in wood

Grant Vaughan's current designs explore the interplay of separate forms: creating pieces that go beyond the vessel aesthetic without abandoning the fluidity and sensuality that is the signature of his work. 

The work is carved from Australian timbers known for their fine grain and stability. Vaughan has exhibited widely in Australia and the USA with pieces in many private and public collections including the Detroit Institute of Arts, Parliament House Art Collection, Canberra ACT and the National Gallery of Australia.

Bed for Dreaming, Quilted Queensland Maple

tony kenway, tony kenway furniture

Tony's priority is to create elegance and harmony in his pieces, whilst melding functionality and comfort.

Inspiration comes from his love of nature, including the coastal and marine environment where he lives; creating sensual flowing forms from exquisite Australian timbers.

Tony has spent over 30 years working with Australia’s fine subtropical timbers. He is always excited by beautiful timber -  knowing how precious it is, makes him put that much more into it.

Rainforest Rocker, Award Winning Design

alby johnston, bayspoke studio

Founded by Alby Johnston in 2015, with the vision of recapturing the quality and craftsmanship from past era's that celebrated material sensitivity, function, form and the flair of ownership, Bayspoke Studio produces unique handcrafted pieces for private tender, exhibition or by commission.

To understand Bayspoke Studio, please take your time browsing a few of Alby's favourite pieces in his gallery, gain an insight into our process, or get in touch if you are considering commissioning a signature piece for your home.